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We are building an active street team to help promote Celldweller. There are several ways the Street Team can be involved.  The following is a list of activities we would like the Street Team to help us with:

Street Team responsibilities include:

1. Building the Celldweller database
We want to add as many names as possible to our database for the Cellmates monthly email newsletter.  You can encourage your friends and potential new fans to sign up for the Cellmates mailing list at

2. Web postings/Newsgroups/Chat Rooms
Post a Celldweller website link, music video link, and general Celldweller information on music websites and newsgroups.  You can also go into chat rooms and let people know about Celldweller.

3. Passing out stickers and flyers
We will send you a quantity of flyers and stickers to distribute at school, concerts, festivals, record/clothing stores, etc.  You must join the Street Team in order to receive these promotional materials.  You can download flyers to print out for specific shows next to the corresponding date at the live section of this site. Email us with a request to and tell us how and where you are going to use them. 

4. Local Distributors
You can buy the debut Celldweller CD at wholesale prices and re-sell them in your local area.  You can also simply use the opportunity to get a ?group purchase discount.?

Local distributors can purchase the album for $9 through  The only requirement to get the discounted price is at least two copies have to be purchased.  There is no other minimum or maximum.  However, if you buy six or more copies you will get FREE SHIPPING.  And if you buy ten or more you will get free shipping AND a FREE T-SHIRT.

Local Distributors Overview:
Available through
2+ cdís = $9 each (normally priced $12)
6+ cdís = $9 each plus Free Shipping
10+ cdís = $9 each plus Free Shipping & Free T-shirt

5. Local Music Stores
We would like the Street Team to be checking in with the local music stores to make sure they have the Celldweller album in stock.  We would also like to have you encourage the stores to put up Celldweller posters.  We will provide posters for any stores that will display them. 

You can provide the following information to stores that want to order the album:

Distribution (record stores ordering only):
Burnside Distribution Corporation
3647 SE 21st Street
, OR 97202
Voice: (503) 231-0876, Fax: (503) 231-0420

Also available through (record stores ordering only):
AEC One Stop Group
4250 Coral Ridge Drive
Coral Springs
, Fl 33065
Tel ( 954 ) 255 4500
Fax ( 964) 255 4932

AEC Domestic inquiries:
Fax: 954-340-7641

AEC International inquiries:
Fax: 954-255-4932

6. - Put Yourself on the Map
We would like all Street Team members to visit and register as a member (its free & quick). Then search for Celldweller, and add yourself as one of our Global Fans. You will then be represented as a red dot on a world map.

Once you've added yourself to the map, recruit other fans to join globaldust.

7. Cellblock 454
Become a part of the Celldweller online community and message board - Cellblock 454. Keep up with Street Team Assignments, meet other fans, participate in contests and chats.

Celldweller has an artist page on where visitors can here clips of songs, view tour dates, interact with other fans, and friends, and joining our page is free. Visit to view our page, then join myspace for free and request to be Celldweller's friend.

9. - Movie Theater Promotion
Celldweller is now part of a new indie community called Based on profile views, music plays, and downloads, Celldweller will receive movie theater placement in a select market. More specifically, "Switchback" will get played in the pre-movie slideshow in movie theaters, with a female vocal intro and outro. This exposure can lead to millions of people not only hearing Celldweller music, but hearing the name and encouraged to go online and find out more about the band.

To help us get that exposure, we are calling on each Street Team member to help by visiting the page and listening to the 3 songs listed each day during Summer / Fall 2005.


We will be adding more promotional ideas over time.  We will appreciate your faithfulness in pursuing these promotional opportunities. We will also be creating special opportunities and promotions for the Street Team members. 

As a Celldweller Street Team member we request that you are courteous when approaching other music fans through email, chat rooms and web postings.  Please do not continue to email people if they are not interested in receiving more information.  We also are not interested in being involved in political and/or religious debates, arguments or agendas.  

Please be sure to send us feedback from your work as a Street Team member.  We want to hear your ideas and successes as you promote Celldweller.  You can email

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